Shiksha Plus IIT and Medical Academy started in the year 2013 by Mrs Neha Kaur and Kunal Sinha with a sole purpose to provide meaningful and purposeful education among students across India. The urge of low cost and success oriented coaching institute gave rise to the birth of Shiksha Plus IIT and Medical Academy.
Kunal Sinha , Director of Shiksha Plus IIT and Medical Academy is of the belief that every kid is special and there is always a special way to handle them . He believes that any student can give results provided best practices and customized tradition can be followed. In his career of teaching, his students have produced excellent results in Medical and Engineering Entrance Examinations. His students are there in various prestigious Institutes across India and abroad.
Shiksha Plus believes learning should be a fun and whole team of Shiksha Plus works in the direction of Empowering Students to Fly High.

Academic Team at pUNE bRANCH

Kunal Sinha

Founder, Director
IISER Alumni, KVPY Fellow, IAS-INSA-NSA SR Fellow,
Fyssen Awardee Fellow, Inspire Fellow
Ex Researcher Tel-Aviv University ISRAEL

Director, Beaker Talks

Neha Kaur

Founder, Director
MSc Bio-Chemistry, KVPY Fellow,
Beaker Talks Fellow, Ex Researcher, Center of DNA Fingerprinting Hyderabad

Branches at Pune- Camp , Kondwa | ISLAMPUR | SAWANTWADI | Panderpur |Goa